For Sale / Wanted page is for AM related items. I suggest you use a viable phone number or be good on QRZ with a valid email address. This will keep spam down. I do not want to post email out in the open you will end up with lots of “South Africa” problems. Email listings with the form provided and your items will be posted a.s.a.p. Listings taken during the nets will be posted here as long as someone sends an update to me.

Wanted: N9AMI Silver Springs NV. Looking for 1KW broadcast transmitter. Would prefer to keep it within a few hundred miles drive. Contact – Good on QRZ or 775-622-5500 (8/27/2022)

RCA BTA-250M AM Broadcast transmitter that I just picked up, I would like to find a good home for it. It supposedly is operating on 1925 KHZ. Power output is 250 to 300W +, this transmitter runs on 120V AC. It requires the usual +10 dbm 600 ohm audio input. Contact me for details. (9-14-2022) K6ZBX Jeff Good on QRZ