Amplitude Modulation (AM) was once the main voice mode in amateur radio. Now it is a well regarded specialty mode within the hobby. AM offers a warm, rich audio quality that provides for more personal interaction. Many operators of this mode prefer to build, repair and restore the gear they use. Some might say it’s “old school”, we,d rather think of it as keeping the origins of amateur radio alive and well within the hobby.

The West Coast AMI net has been running since the 1990s. We support AM International and many members have membership in AMI. However, you do not need an AMI number to join in on our net just operate something that uses the AM mode of transmission.

Join AM International and support AM operating. You will receive an attractive membership certificate to hang on your wall. Get the support of almost 2000 members internationally. Have a personal certificate number and become a lifetime AMI member by clicking the link below.


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