West Coast AM Nets

  • Note: Start times sometimes vary depending on conditions
  • San Diego AMI Net 3870 kc Monday 7:00 PM PST Net Start
OperatorNet ControlScheduleEarly Check-ins
GeorgeW6YEC1s MondayRon KD6VWS
PaulN6BZY2nd MondayRon KD6VWS
RonKD6VWS3rd MondayRon KD6VWS
SteveKF6SYD4th MondayRon KD6VWS
BobWA9JIB5th MondayRon KD6VWS

The West Coast AMI Net Control Schedule for Monday, San Diego

  • West Coast AMI Net: 3870 kc Wednesday 7:00 PM PST Early Check Ins 8 PM PST Net Start
OperatorNet ControlScheduleEarly Check-ins
DaveWJ6W1st WednesdaySkip K6LGL
GeorgeWA6HCX2nd WednesdaySkip K6LGL
SharonK6IRD3rd WednesdaySkip K6LGL
SteveKF6SYD4th WednesdaySkip K6LGL
VicK6IC5th WednesdaySkip K6LGL

The West Coast AMI Net Control Schedule for Wednesday

  • Nevada Military Vintage Radio AM Net 3974 kc Sunday 7:30 AM PST
  • West Coast 630 Meter Net 0.476 kc Sunday 8:00 PM PST WD4PLI Net Control. (All mode net).

AM Frequencies

630 Meters:0.476
160 Meters:1.885, 1.900, 1.925, 1.945, 1.985
75 Meters:3.825, 3.870 , 3.880, 3.885, 3890
40 Meters:7.290, 7.293, 7.295
20 Meters:14.286, 14.330-14.340
17 Meters:18.150
15 Meters:21.285, 21.425
10 Meters:29.000-29.200
6 Meters:50.4 (generally), 50.250 Northern CO
2 Meters:144.4 (Northwest)
144.425 (Massachusetts)
144.28 (NYC-Long Island)
144.45 (California)

AM activity is found on and around the frequencies above. However, AM can be used on any part of the phone band.

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